International Development

Best practices are examples of successful internventions from which lessons can be drawn for application elsewhere. The objective of identifying best practices, is therefore, to share experiences with others and help avoid the repetition of mistakes.

Just as important as best practices is the identification of bad practices: what does not work?

In this section of the wiki, we hope to collect all the stories out there on what works and what does not work. Please make sure that you link them with other sections of the wiki (just provide a link to the relevant page). And if you can, cross reference them to other best/bad practices.

I'll start with a best - bad practice separation. Within each please add a theme and within each theme tell us qhat you consider is a best/bad practice. (And as you add themes, make sure they are in aphabetical order, it'll make it easier to search.) Remember to start by setting out the context -this is very important as there are no blue-prints in International Development!

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