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To share questions and ideas on dissertations[]

Let's try creating an open space for all of David's tutees to ask questions, give ideas and air problems in relation to the Dissertation. I haven't tried something like this before, but I think it might be a useful experiment. Many people find it quite difficult to get started with a topic and research question, and it takes time to digest all the material we have just given you in relation to the Dissertation.

This will be a place where you can ask questions, test out your ideas, comment on other people's ideas and generally vent your frustration if you need to!

I will check the pages regularly and comment. (I'm not very familiar with this type of technology, so any suggestions always welcome -see International_Development:About). I will also use this page as a Front Page where to place announcements or general guidance -so check it regularly.

If people wish to, we can also develop this site beyond just the Dissertation, put links to useful resources and other topics, etc. EVERYONE who registers (just follow the very simple instructions in the Main_Page) - and I hope all my tutees will do so - will be able to edit and add to the site as they wish ...

OK, let's get started. Please go to the Discussion tab aboveTalk:Dissertation:

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