International Development

International Development Wiki has been created to try to aggregate all we know about international development: theory AND practice.

This is a challenge to the International Development community: Can we work together to make more sense of the world? Can we explain what we battle with, every day, to those outside this world?

Wikis are a relatively new social technology. They provide a great opportunity to innovate and create.

Some basic rules:

  • The idea is to create knowledge, so try to base your inputs on evidence (use links to other websites)
  • Knowledge is interconnected, so try to link the pages of the wiki as much as possible
  • If you are in doubt about editing or using the wiki, try looking at other wikis as exmple (check out wikipedia)
  • Don't be offensive; don't lie
  • Be clear, try to avoid long academic papers and discussions: get to the point (if you want to expand on something try creating a new page with a link: use [[new subject]])
  • Remember that once you post it, it is no longer yours; be ready to see your work be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will