International Development

What is International Development? This year, the G8 has placed it at the top of its agenda. Live8 around the world called for changes in debt, Aid and trade to help the world's poorest. And many of you have been wearing white wristbands showing your support to the [Make Poverty History(] campaign and/or your awareness of some of the key issues. Never has there been so much talk and debate about it.

But what does this all mean? What are those working in the international development sector trying to achive? And what is the best way to make the causes of poverty history?

This wiki is an experiement to try to bring all of your knowledge together. International Development is a complex issue and a complex world. Ther are many different development actors and many different opinions regarding what works and what doesn't.

Come on! I invite you to let the world know. What is behind the doubling of Aid, fair trade and cancelling debt? What are the real causes of famine and conflict? What are the effects of donor interventions? What are the best practices out there?